System Wave: a single system for pools

Not a bulky in your technical room, but a single system protected by a case with anti-corrosion treatment

Order, cleaning, checking

System Wave is equipped with touch screen 10 inch with customizable graphics, new generation control unit for water treatment and part of electronic control, quick couplers.

The main features of System Wave demonstrate robustness and reliability.

The case with anti-corrosion treatment eliminates the common risks of corrosion of less noble metal alloys, as well as rapid corrosion connectors.

Forced electronics ventilation and water treatment overwhelm the dangers caused by overheating of the components, while the mechanical separation of the internal compartments ensures ease of operation and a reduction in time.

System Wave can be remotely controlled with PC, tablet or smartphone.

System Wave will allow you to easily manage pools of up to 150 m3.
System Wave

... many functions for managing private pools

Electronic integration system

  • 10-inch touch screen with customizable graphics
  • Micro processor with remote control
  • Industrial components
  • Pump control with operating hours and calculating changes in flow rates
  • On / Off lighting control
  • Temperature measurement in out water and air
  • 6-way solenoid valve
  • Monitoring and maintaining level H2O
  • Control waterworks

Water Treatment System

  • Control and alarm H2O loss from the plant
  • Status of consumable products Control
  • Display main values, Cl and Ph
  • Communication with industrial protocol
  • The type and the solution of the water treatment system is designed from time to time, depending on the type of installation


Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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