Manafement software for the pool

Pool Access is the first cloud-based management software

The complete management for the pubblic pool

PoolAccess is the software that monitors the whole activity of your pool and allows a rationalization of the plant according to the sporting and recreational activities.

Customer registration, access controls, pool management, instructors, invoicing... PoolAccess allows you to manage your plant in an overall and optimal manner.

In addition, compared to all other management software, PoolAccess allows control from the scada platform of the entire electrical and plumbing system of the building with:

  • Lighting control
  • Swimming pool filtration system operation check
  • Temperature control of tanks and air
  • Control of energy consumption
  • Plant alarm control
  • 24-hour connection with the server
  • Piping pressure control
Software for pools

Two sample screens of the PoolAccess management software

AccessPool is the first cloud-based management software that implements the supervision of technical systems. A single platform, few contacts and immediate assistance.

System software management

Main functions

  • Based on online platform with annual subscription
  • Online customer registration
  • Access control and input id management
  • Management of courses
  • Instructor management
  • Shop management
  • Statistics of attendance courses and costs
  • Billing


Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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