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Software, hardware and integration systems for spa, SPA & Wellness

The right atmosphere relax!

Background music, natural flavors and a warm tea is what you can not miss in a corner of wellbeing!

OneMorePool wanted to get into the more complex areas of these facilities, to give a more professional signature to those manuals mechanisms that are often be complicated and impractical.

Simply remove from the smartphone pocket to surprise the guests with water games and light.

Harmony, Hi-Stone and Hi-Diamond are the software and technological systems that allow you to manage every component of your system with precise controls and real-time on water technologies, the sound system and video surveillance and on lighting. Simple and intuitive interface that lets you manage and remote programming of your system via tablet or smartphone.

With OneMorePool can also take a break. You do the planning... and our systems do the rest!
SPA & Wellness software systems

It is now time to devote to relaxation!

A strong motivation pushed OneMorePool to create control platforms, with a simple touch of the hand, switching from a Caribbean atmosphere in a polar environment, or, simply, is done with the maintenance only when necessary.

These improvements can be made if the work is performed at art and innovative technologies. And now you can do it!

SPA & Wellness software systems

100% efficiency

The Wellness Center facility will be set at 100% efficiency, because you can check in real time the temperature and the water flow, the ventilation of an environment, the pH and chlorine values​​, dosages of perfume, water games and lighting systems.

The precise control of each equipment item will allow you to reduce operating costs with an integrated programming and efficient use of all energy components as a function of your daily or weekly programs. Supervision in real time of the technical room and the various alarms allow you to take action in a timely manner in the event of system failures.


Software and hardware system and accessories
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