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Pool Tab is the OneMorePool tablet that will always keep track of your pool.

You can use it on the bathtub to activate cleaning, try lighting or simply check the system’s energy efficiency or the correct functioning of the systems installed.

Main features

  • IP68 protection
  • Magnesium structure with shock resistance up to 1.5 meters
  • Dock station provided in the box
  • Customized operation application
  • Dialogue interface with all of our hardware systems


Decrease consumption without replacing any part of the system? Velorpool is the ideal solution to increase the efficiency of your technical facility. We will not need to add wires, replace pumps, or change electrical wiring. Velorpool is an electronic device that applies above your pump already installed, allowing you to vary the flow rates according to the different operating modes you can select.

VelorPool can be remote controlled to keep track of its operation and is able to reduce consumption by up to 67%.

Principle of operation

VelorPool is the intelligent system built to integrate a intelligent pump management into your pool system. VelorPool is not the classic on-board inverter pump. Everything will remain in place. Just remove the cover of your old engine... and in two moves everything will be installed and running, with low cost and very high efficiency.


W Push


W.Push is a totally stainless steel inboard system, both inside and out, with touch and rfid systems.

This article is based on a specific costum designed by us, and can contain the most advanced technology - also used in our major systems.

The component can be equipped with a communication system to communicate with our most advanced DD Transfer system.

See the DD Transfer System in detail

H2O View

OneMorePool offers its Customers all the convenience of a single App for remote management of pool, spa, SPA & Wellness facilities, water fountains and water parks.

Comfort... in a touch!

With PC, Tablet and Smartphone, you can manage Wi-Fi programming of water management software, and with decentralized optional peripherals we can offer complete control of the entire plant.

Lying on a cot at the edge of your swimming pool, sitting in your office or on a journey of 1,000 km away from the facilities, with a Wi-Fi internet connection and with the only App H2O VIEW, you can program the software handle the water of your plant.


H2O View


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