A single App for water management

In one App you will have complete management of pools, SPA & Wellness, water fountains and water parks

All comfort in a single product

OneMorePool offers its Customers all the convenience of a unique App for remote management of pool, SPA & Wellness, fountains and water parks.

With your PC, Tablet and Smartphone you can manage Wi-Fi software for water management, and with optional decentralized peripherals we can offer complete control of the entire plant.

Lying on a cot at the edge of your pool, sitting in your office or on a trip to 1,000 km away from the facilities, with a Wi-Fi internet connection and the only App H2O View , you have the option to program the software and manage the water of your plant
App H2O View

H2O View: operating chart

With H2O View software, OneMorePool wanted to give a concrete answer to the need for a single application with a simple and intuitive interface for programming and water management of the main private and commercial facilities.

The convenience of this software, coupled with its ability to implement and personalize it with optional peripherals, makes it an effective and cutting-edge product for the management of small, medium and large plants.

App H2O View

Optional peripherals functions

H2O View allows you to connect the OneMorePool control panel via an ethernet cable to which various types of optional peripherals can be connected for a complete system control. You will thus be able to handle:

  • Hydromassage pumps
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Filtration pumps
  • Water games
  • Check the piping pressure
  • Check the water values
  • Check external and internal temperatures
  • Access real-time alarms
  • Operate the opening and closing of rolling shutters
  • Schedule the lighting of the pool or outside areas
  • Access surveillance systems with anti-drowning and underwater surveillance systems

Managing a plant has never been easier

Simplicity, efficiency and savings are the founding values of OneMorePool, which, following this logic, designs and builds software and hardware products that make the component's functionality and quality stand out.

With the App H2O View we wanted to provide a unique system of all your systems, so you can easily turn on and off and the general programming of the systems. Whether you have a single pool, or have more than one plant, H 2O View will be your loyal helper!

App H2O View


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