Assistance on swimming pools, accessories and components

OneMorePool offers its professionalism to private, industry professionals and companies for repairing or upgrading existing plants

Our services to guarantee the efficiency and functionality

OneMorePool follows you from the design phase to the next interventions to the commissioning of the plant, such as staff training or the emergency services.

We provide consulting, support, feasibility studies to determine the design phase all the features and functions of the future plant, so as to avoid delays in the supply or unpleasant design changes resulting in additional costs.

We study with you the characteristics of the plant and the installation to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality.

Thanks to a constructive dialogue with the customer we are able to ensure the best system and software / hardware efficiency with a favorable price / quality ratio that fully meets the demands of our clients.

OneMorePool offers optional support services to meet the greater needs of the customer, both old and new installations.
Technical assistance for pools, SPA & Wellness


  • Feasibility study
  • Advice and support in the acquisition of hardware and software
  • Owners and custom software implementation
  • Design and management systems study for swimming pools, spa, water games
  • Supply electrical system
  • Turn-key solutions
  • Staff training
  • Technical assistance


  • Technical assistance of systems out of warranty and out of production
  • Applications migrating from old to new technologies
  • Annual planned sercice
  • On-line assistance

Assistenza tecnica a piscine pubbliche e private

Technical assistance for small, medium, large swimming pools

OneMorePool is your trusted aide to solve the problems of your pool. Whether you have a small pool or be the manager of a variety of public or private pools, OneMorePool will solve your problems or help you re-modernize and upgrade your equipment with innovative technologies that will save you time and resources.

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Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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