Lifeguard: the control unit for swimming pools

Lifeguard is a control unit that can automate any type of existing system.

Maximum flexibility of use

The Lifeguard technology is suitable for use in public swimming pools and private large and medium-sized.

Made of stainless steel - against any kind of aggressive agent - it contains a controller to satisfy a long list of demands.

Thanks to the various controls available can be a rational and careful water management, with significant energy savings and greater comfort for guests.

Lifeguard is provided in three versions to ensure maximum flexibility of use. Lifeguard technology is suitable for use in private pools with sizes up to 120 m3.

The main functions of Lifeguard for swimming pools

Main features

  • 230 Vac power supply (Premium version 230/400 Vac)
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Controlled by Dolphin platform
  • Management utilities such as temperature sensors, filtration pumps, recirculation pump, electric valve filter sand, Bath lighting, technical room lighting, shutter control, water features pumps, spa pumps, control Cl and pH probes, reintegration, IP video surveillance.
  • Stainless steel IP67
  • Connectors for easy wiring IP69K


  • 10 inch touch screen
  • Apple iPad or Android tablet
  • TV interactive control
  • Touch screen 7 or 10 inch stainless steel IP69K
  • GSM control module and WIFI network
  • Module for managing sound diffusion
  • Interface with existing home automation
  • Case in ABS or iron
  • Hand control board for manual controls framework

Choose your Lifeguard Basic version

Version 5.0

8 digital or analogue inputs (0-10v, 4-20mA)
4 utilities available with operating voltages to be determined at time of order

Version 5.1

16 digital or analogue inputs (0-10v, 4-20mA)
12 utilities available with operating voltages to be determined at time of order

Version 5.2

24 digital or analogue inputs (0-10v, 4-20mA)
20 utilities available with operating voltages to be determined at time of order

Lifeguard with Dolphin

Dolphin is the software for managing the Lifeguard Central, with a graphical interface designed by OneMorePool to create an exclusive control system

Flexible and customizable

Dolphin gives you the pleasure of controlling the entire mobile device as your tablet or smartphone ... even while you spend a few days at 2,000 km distance!

The intuitive interface makes it a simple and straightforward tool for remote water management through a tablet or smartphone.

Dophin is a great solution for private pool automation, and allows you to control a wide range of features.
Dolphin software for swimming pools

The main functions of Dolphin for private pools

  • Bathtub lighting control
  • Check pumps
  • Inverter control mode
  • Water temperature control
  • Check water levels
  • Ph and chlorine control values
  • Dosage control and filtration
  • Water Games Control
  • Consumption control
  • Programming Scenarios
  • Sound diffusion management
  • Shutter opening / closing control
  • Remote interface with tablet or smartphone
  • Real-time supervisor of the technical room with related alarms
  • Video surveillance pool and technical room
  • Messaging and GSM commands


Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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