Harmony: communicate with the tact...

HARMONY communicate with you every day of the year... and question him at any time to learn all kinds of information concerning your local!

Beautiful and fun

Harmony is a software interface aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, so you enjoy the pleasure of a simple programming even hundreds of kilometers away from your plants.

With Harmony, OneMorePool wanted to offer its customers all the benefits of user-friendly interface combined with a cutting-edge software technology.

Program the activation of the system, increase or decrease the temperature, the water flow or ventilation of a room has never been so easy! The screens below show some of the features of Harmony.

The software, combined with Hi-Stone and Hi-Diamond, has several functions that allow a simple and functional management of the SPA & Wellness.
Harmony Software

Harmony's main functions


  • Local lighting control
  • Pumps and boilers control
  • Inverter control
  • Temperature control
  • Water level control
  • Control pH values ​​and chlorine
  • Control scent dosages
  • Control waterworks


  • Control energy consumption
  • Scenario programming
  • Sound system management
  • Access control
  • Remote interface with tablet or smartphone
  • Real-time supervision of the boiler room with respective alarms
  • Video surveillance center and technical room
  • Messaging and GSM commands

Il software Harmony su tablet

Simple and intuitive water control

Harmony's simple and intuitive interface allows you to manage the full range of spa, SPA & Wellness and their environments from mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone, without having to go to the office or send staff to turn on or turn off the implants.


Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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