Fountains and water games

Software for management and automation of fountains and water features

All the charm of the water games...

OneMorePool has decided to devote special attention to the development and production of software and technological systems of all sizes fountains.

Already partnership of a company of the sector worldwide, A.P. Automation specializes in the management of musical and dynamic fountains.

More attention is given in the fountains light, where a technician will respond to your every color idea.

We meet all your requirements, and we have no limits in the development of your most special projects!
Systems software for fountains

The main functions of our software for fountains

  • H2O control in compensation tanks
  • Control and management of electric shutters with positioner
  • Monitoring and control of pressurization system
  • Management also nebulization with aromas selectable
  • Sets command with even 3D movement
  • Command sets with musical tracks
  • Energy monitoring
  • Software can be placed on the management dedicated room (large plants)
  • Programming lighting scenes
  • Displacement pumps variation
  • Video Assistance
  • Assisted maintenance

Software and hardware systems for fountains

Scenery of water and light

OneMorePool can build software and technology facilities that will meet your needs by installing water games in both public and private pools and spas.

You can impress your guests or your customers with water games of great visual impact, and have total control over their execution thanks to software that OneMorePool will make available.

You will be able to manage your fountain according to the time, the day or the seasonal period, and choose when to activate and deactivate the fountains, lights and various water features.

What does OneMorePool offer for your fountains?

  • A complete management of fountains and water games
  • A component control for rational plant management
  • Simple programming that reduces water and fountain management costs
  • Programmable and customizable lighting scenes
  • A wide choice of low power LED lights
  • A wide choice of stainless steel nozzles, with which you can make different types of water games
  • Water games for swimming pools, SPA & Wellness
Fountains and water games


Software and hardware system and accessories
for individuals and professionals

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