The new concept of connction

Drop Date Transfer (DD Transfer) is the new concept of connection introduced by OneMorePool to unite all of the devices in the field with a simple cable comes pre-packaged with various sizes.

Efficiency in little space

The system, based on field bus, leads all utilities present in swimming pools and spas, at various points where they are concentrated, thus obtaining a clean boiler room is neat and greatly reducing the work of cables leads walkways and various channels.

DD Transfer is based on IP68 connections resistant to corrosion by chemical agents. The system allows a significant reduction in costs and labor.

Now with DD Transfer, you no longer have to worry about passing the numerous ducts normally used in conventional systems.
W-Touch, DD Transfer

Main features

  • Quick connect
  • A single cable from the peripheral Central
  • Unlimited number of analog and digital signals
  • Connection: level sensors, temperature sensors, push-button activation, alarms, various signals
  • Very high data rate
  • IP68 protection
  • Reduction of cables and labor costs
  • Local neater and cleaner

Many devices configurable for technical room always in order


A fast connection system that allows you to concentrate all the various devices, watertight and corrosion resistant connections. Configuration in the design phase.


Full stainless steel panel with IP68 backlit buttons 316L, connection with the DD system, possibility of many configurations from simple command.


Stainless steel case with touch screen sizes 4 “and 7”, fast connection to the system with a single cable, bus communication, application and fast and easy installation.


Interlock pumps with load control and automatic reset. Connected to the bus allows the constant monitoring of consumption and alarms in line. The choice of the sizes is performed in the design phase.

DD Transfer grafico di funzionamento

DD Transfer: operation chart

Installation of the various DD Transfer components is simple and fast. Not only will you have more space in your technical room, but you can monitor real-time any part of your system at high data rates.

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